A letter from Katherine Doherty and Peter Marr, Emily Marr & Jennie Morehouse

Thank you... 

Dear Ben, Micha, Carrie, Renee, Diana and countless other staff at the Oasis,

Thank you so much for helping take such good care of my mother, Connie Marr, for the 
past two years.

Ever since Connie was diagnosed with dementia eight years ago, the goal had always been 
to keep caring for her at home. As her disease progressed, though, it became obvious that 
she needed to live somewhere else that could give her all the help that she needed day and 
night. She very briefly stayed at a few other places before finding her new home at the 
Oasis, and none of those places could even hold a candle to the Oasis. It wasn’t until she 
transferred to the Oasis that my father said that he could finally sleep at night, knowing 
that Connie was in a caring, safe environment with staff that he could trust to give her the best care possible.

Thank you for all that the Oasis offered to Connie: the beautiful, cheerful environment to 
call home, the activities, the music and entertainment, the holiday celebrations, the meals that we could always join her for and everything else that made her daily life as normal and positive as possible. Thank you for navigating the pandemic as safely as could be, and thank you for always doing your very best to make sure that my father could spend as much time as possible with Connie toward the end of her life.

Last but not least, thank you for the lovely flowers that you sent us after she passed away and for planting a tree in Israel in her memory. We are extremely grateful for everything.

With many thanks,

Katherine Doherty and Peter Marr, Emily Marr & Jennie Morehouse