Life at Oasis

Our Unique home-like setting and Award Winning Programs sets us a part in a big way.

Driving Principles

Four principle goals drive owners, Mr. Herlinger and Mr. Shalev, in the past 25+ years in the field to create LIFE at their facilities, especially in small setting environments:

  1. Help the individual maintain or improve function and engage in daily activities to the extent possible and as the disease progresses.
  2. Restore or compensate for functional decline due to an acute insult such as an injury or traumatic health episode such as a stroke, or fall which occurs over and above the dementia.
  3. Provide family caregivers with education and knowledge about the disease and specific skills to provide a supportive environment at home and reduce excess disability.
  4. Enrich staff ability and skills to properly support the emotion, social, and physical ability of our residents.


    From our many years of experience, we found out that residents feeling they have a deeper relationships with the staff, and family members are reporting a higher satisfaction with the physical environment, privacy, their own autonomy, health care and meals.

    Employees, too, report less stress. The turnover rate is significantly lower with us than in a traditional long term care. In the past 10 years our turn over was less than 2%.

Alzheimer’s, Dementia Care & Assisted Living in Worcester, MA

LIFE at the Oasis at Dodge Park community provides the environment of Love for individual passions, opportunities for Innovation such as setting a stage to perform again, having a new Family to hear melodies of the past and feel the warmth and tenderness of real Engagement as you are able to experience the positive feedback from others.

Our Innovative Program at the Oasis at Dodge Park

Oasis at Dodge Park fights cognitive decline by encouraging residents to engage in both mental and physical exercise. We call our program Cognitive Engagement Therapy Techniques. The program at Oasis at Dodge Park is exceptional because we have a full-time activity professional in every wing every day.

Our smaller environment and high staffing ratio allow us to provide specialized individual activities for the residents. Research shows that keeping our minds active not only helps maintain our mental functions, but may actually improve abilities even in individuals with dementia.

We know that individuals with Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of memory impairment vary in their level of ability. A deficit in one of our senses is often compensated by another sense. Engaging and stimulating as many of the five senses as often possible increases the likelihood of a “connection” between the resident and the activity.

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No matter the interests or abilities, Oasis at Dodge Park‘s engagement program benefits residents by improving the quality of their life. Our engagement program is another way in whichOasis at Dodge Park continues the fight against Alzheimer’s disease.

Find the peace of mind you’ve been looking for with the memory program at Oasis at Dodge Park.