Activities and Programs

Providing a safe, familiar, yet stimulating space.

Activities at Oasis at Dodge Park

Oasis at Dodge Park feels there is nothing more important then making our residents feel they have a sense of purpose in our community.

Our Life Care Team is trained in the “Oasis at Dodge Park Philosophy” to recreate an environment where staff seeks to understand the feelings and needs of residents that maximize each resident’s quality of life.

When you tour our community you may find residents baking bread, painting or using our web cam to visit with a loved one who lives far away. Oasis at Dodge Park has taken a typical “activity calendar” and made it specialized for the residents that live in our community. All activities are based on individual cognitive level.

We focus on creating the very best experience for every resident and family member. When confusion and frustration cause anxiety, we redirect rather than correct. We learn all we can about the individual’s likes and dislikes and then help them continue the activities they know and love.

Each resident has a personalized, individual plan and often find new interests that bring them joy and happiness.

Activities Program – Cognitive Engagement Therapy Techniques

  • Activity Coordinators staffed seven days a week from 7am to 9:30pm
  • We utilize the activities training manual of the National Alzheimer’s Association
  • “Life Skills Approach”- activities are designed to give residents the opportunity to do tasks that are familiar and make them feel valuable – setting the dinner table, folding laundry, painting, caring for a “baby” and more
  • A thorough assessment is taken when residents enter the home related to their likes, dislikes, former occupation, leisure interests, etc.
  • We schedule and create our activities based on the cognitive level of the residents

Award Winning Programs

Our unique activities programming includes:

  • Music therapy
  • Timeless Memories: individualized art program for those with memory impairments by those certified through the Memories in the Making
  • Alzheimer’s Association Art Program
  • Pet therapy
  • Family Involvement: weekly emails are sent to families with pictures of their loved one participating in activities. Our Facebook is updated weekly for our families and friends
  • Beauty salon and barber shop on site
  • Monthly themes: experience life of other cultures
  • Men’s and Women’s Club
  • Regular outing for shows, restaurants, sport events, and community events
Engagement Program

Engagement Program

Improving residents quality of life

No matter the interests or abilities, Oasis at Dodge Park’s engagement program benefits residents by improving the quality of their life. Our Engagement Program is another way in which Oasis at Dodge Park continues the fight against Alzheimer’s disease.

Activities to Benefit Residents

Activities to Benefit Residents

A personalized plan for joy and happiness

Sunshine is important for the body to create vitamin D and to boost the immune system and exercise benefits a person at any age in life. Oasis at Dodge Park is completely enclosed with a secure perimeter so residents can enjoy regular walk around the community.

Cognitive Engagement Therapy

Cognitive Engagement Therapy

Engaging program for body and mind

Oasis at Dodge Park fights cognitive decline by encouraging residents to engage in both mental and physical exercise. Our Cognitive Engagement Therapy Techniques program is much more than a typical activity program and is personalized to cognitive level of each resident.