The Oasis Difference

The environment at the Oasis at Dodge Park is Different

Our home-like environment provides opportunities for residents to have privacy, sufficient lighting, pleasant music and multiple opportunities to eat and drink, in small setting, and also minimizes negative stimuli such as loud overhead paging and glare.

Oasis at Dodge Park has private rooms and bathrooms and the opportunity for residents to have personal furnishings, pictures and other items in their living area. This is their life and their home.

When they are able, residents are encouraged to move freely around the facility with opportunities for safe wandering. This will be able to achieve through our unique enclose garden and indoor open recreation area, where the idea is to bring the outdoor indoor.

The Oasis Core Values

There are eight core values of our Company:

1. Integrity: we will act honestly in all that we do, adhering to the highest principles by pursuing a commitment to do what is right.

2. Care: we will demonstrate a nurturing, empathetic, and loving attitude to others.

3. Passion: we will display an uncompromising intensity in serving our residents and families.

4. Joy: we will provide great delight and happiness by engaging our residents, families, and employees through our unique activity program in the WOW! Experience seven days a week from 7am to 9:30pm

5. Loyalty: we will be loyal to our employees, our residents, and our customer.

6. Respect: we will respect the rights and dignity of all individuals.

7. Accountability: we will take responsibility for our actions.

8. Excellence: we will pursue excellence in processes, people, and procedures.


The Oasis at Dodge Park specific purpose is to be recognized by consumers and industry as the most professional, ethical and highest quality care facility for the elderly. We are committed to listening and responding to the needs of the residents, their family members and employees.

We will go the extra mile when assistance is required by the public, the residents and their family members. We embrace an entrepreneurial spirit, which does not tolerate waste or bureaucracy and reward achievement.

Our residents enjoy independence and engaging outing and events, all in a home like setting, unlike nursing homes.

At the Oasis Dodge Park, we cherish your yesteryears.

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