Memory Care

The Nefesh To Nefesh Memory Care Program at Dodge Park

Dementia and Alzheimer’s Care in Worcester

Whether you have just started noticing a change in your loved one’s memory or if you are looking for dedicated Alzheimer’s care, the Oasis at Dodge Park boasts an environment designed to accommodate people with varying degrees of memory loss allowing freedom, mobility, choice, and independence. The Oasis features a unique program for the Memory Impaired endorsed by a well-known geriatrician from UMass Memorial, as well as Saint Vincent Hospital and Medical Center.


A neighborhood that provides a safe, pleasant, comfortable setting

  • Enclosed courtyards
  • Specially designed memory programs
  • Activities that encourage activity and engagement
  • Specially trained 24-hour staffing
  • Best direct care ratio in the industry
  • Three meals per day
  • Full housekeeping services
  • Laundering of linens and personal laundry
  • Complete medication management
  • Regular safety checks
  • Scheduled transportation
  • Unlimited personal care
  • Mealtime monitoring and staffing, assist with feeding if needed
  • Escorts for meals and services
  • Designated program coordinators

The Nefesh To Nefesh Memory Care Program

The Bible presents growing old as a normal, natural part of life in this world. There is honor involved in the aging process, because growing old is normally accompanied by increased wisdom and experience. “Gray hair is a crown of splendor; it is attained by a righteous life” (Proverbs 16:31; see also Proverbs 20:29). God wants us to remember that life is short (James 4:14) and that the beauty of youth is soon gone (Proverbs 31:30; 1 Peter 1:24).

Jewish tradition emphasizes that taking care of a parent is a tremendous blessing and mitzvah. As the Talmud in Shabbat 127a says: “These are the fruits a person enjoys in this world, and continues to enjoy them in the World to Come. They are: honoring one’s parents…”

This is particularly true when the elderly have diminished physical and mental capacity, and are confronting their own mortality. But the task of taking care of them need not feel overwhelming.

Among the most disturbing aspects of growing old—especially in cultures that set a high value on rugged individualism—is the increasing frequency of senile dementia as human lifespan increases. It seems eminently unfair that people so afflicted should be robbed of their intellectual, emotional and social vitality while their physical bodies continue to survive. Alzheimer’s disease is a particularly difficult pill to swallow because the cause is unknown and it does not seem to be related to any particularly bad health habits. While progression of Alzheimer’s can be stalled, in part, by continued active involvement in mind-stimulating and physical activity, progression of the disease is nevertheless inexorable.

While there is currently no cure for most progressive forms of dementia, it doesn’t mean we’re powerless against them. Mounting research is building an understanding that there may be ways to slow the progression and change the pathologies of many common dementias, giving those afflicted with them and their families the possibility of more precious, fulfilling moments together.

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We just want to thank you ALL, so VERY much, for a beautiful, generous outpouring of your exceptional care and love️ of the residents, families and guests during the holiday celebration.

Wednesday evening was so wonderful, in so many ways.  Our family is continually grateful and in awe of how caring and dedicated you ALL are.  Unfortunately, it seems uncommon, when ALL staff members of many enterprises contribute equally to the daily needs of a ‘business’.  It warms our hearts to know that every one of you genuinely care, and work so tirelessly.

Amazing accommodating of such a large turn out with food , coffee, desserts-engaging music and entertainment to enjoy. Bright and beautiful holiday decorations- Santa’s appearance for young and old….and on top of all of that, a well thought out gift for each resident-hand delivered.
A warm and cozy blanket to wrap around the one’s YOU ALL care so well for—a very accurate sentiment of all that you do every day, and night.
On behalf of Nancy Atkins and her family- Heartfelt Thank you’s …..and tremendous gratitude

Atkins Family

Physical Exercise

Physical Exercise

Physical activity and aerobic exercise have been found to have significant brain benefits.
• Low-impact Aerobics Exercise Classes
• Dancing
• Wii Fit, Bowling, Golf
• Walking Club
• Gardening Club
• Chair Yoga

Stress Reduction

Stress Reduction

Methods such as guided meditation, Yoga, Tai-chi and more have been shown to provide benefits such as improved activity in the hippocampus.

Specialized Digital Programs

Tools promoting critical thinking and brain fitness have been shown to improve auditory processing speed, attention, and memory.

Purposeful Social Activities

A strong social network involving purpose-oriented activities has been found to protect against cognitive decline.
• Music Programs
• Art/Music Therpy
• Book Clubs
• Religious Services

Cognitive Exercise

Cognitive Exercise

Engagement in cognitively stimulating activities early in the course of Alzheimer’s has been associated with slower cognitive decline.
• Reminiscing and Discussion Groups
• My Personal Album
• Cultural and Language Study
• Current Events Discussion Group
• Life Skill Stations
• Intergenerational Program

What Sets the N’efesh to N’efesh Program Apart

• Activities programs that enhance the lives and touch the heart of each resident

• Daily life activities that support independence

• A culture that promotes family involvement and teamwork

• Engaging the whole person through one’s life history and personalized activities

• Outdoor exploration and purposeful outings

• Complete wellness focus on each individual

• And family partnership and framework to enhance focus and understanding

1. Eating Well

The N’fesh to N’fesh dining experience nurtures the mind, body and soul and is a highlight of the day. Residents are seated with dining partners to promote social interactions and meaningful connections. Meals are served restaurant-style with a 5 weeks cycle freshly designed menus and presentation and service to rival a five-star restaurant.

2. Keeping Active

Whether nine or ninety, meaningful activities promote a sense of well-being, provide enjoyment, maintain functioning levels and support independence. The daily program offers small and large group activities to appeal to each resident’s personal interests.

3. Worthy Staff

Taking care of those with memory loss takes a special caregiver. The N’fesh to N’fesh Program staff is specially trained to work with residents to make their lives better by enlisting in activities and care that promote self-esteem, laughter, fun and enjoyment of everyday life.

Caring for a family member with memory loss can be extremely difficult. When in a community that serves such residents, the tasks of caring for a loved one is shared by a number of dedicated individuals trained in Alzheimer’s and dementia and the family. With the knowledge that a loved one is well taken care of, caregivers can enjoy more fulfilling time together.

N’fesh to N’fesh Community Included Amenities

  • 7 days a week – Licensed Nurse on-site
    Medical director and a geriatric pscytric weekly visit
  • 24 hours a day – trained resident assistant staff on site
  • DON and ADON oversight and on-call support 24/7
  • Registered Dietitian and social workers weekly visit
  • Three nutritious meals a day, plus snacks
  • Residential setting with secure access
  • Personalized Care Plan designed and regularly reviewed by interdisciplinary team in conference with resident and family members
  • Daily Personalized Activities Program from 6am to 11pm
  • Spiritual Enrichment Program
  • Religious services
  • Regular gatherings for family members of residents
  • Spacious, secure indoor and outdoor courtyard with walking path and patio
  • Daily housekeeping and laundry service
  • Beautiful, spacious rooms
  • All utilities including gas, electricity, water, sewer, and trash
  • Emergency call system
  • Satelite TV service and installation
  • Basic telephone service (local access)
  • Blinds on all windows