I am a friend or relative of a current/past resident (5 / 5 Stars)

Oasis at Dodge Park is a very caring community. They provide excellent nursing care for my mother, even from the non-nursing personnel as well. I think my mother is in a very safe place. She’s in an environment that encourages people to thrive and her needs are very well met. I think that people there go the extra mile and not only provide excellent care but provide compassion and love to the people. I am a nurse case manager and my mother is a nurse. There’s certain aspect to it that’s very important to us when we’re deciding for the best place for my mother. We had to make the decision that we as a family can no longer provide that level of care that she needed in our home. The dining staff is very attentive to my mother’s needs too. She has a very specialized diet. They want to make sure that the food is appropriate for her. I don’t eat the food very often there but she is doing very well with the food. I think the food is very healthy and nutritious. We’re pleased because she’s eating the amount that she needs to have so that’s good. I will give them 5 stars and I have absolutely no problem doing that. I have seen other facilities as a nurse and as a care provider. I think that what the facility offers for people is something more than you’re going find in other places. The fact that the owners have provided a place that’s not only beautiful but a place where people with memory loss can feel open, alive and can thrive in the environment. It’s not a place for people to sit there and wait to die. It’s a place where people can continue to live with vitality. The other thing that I love about this place is that the owner has gone so far as to incorporate programs like music therapy and arts therapy. Some people might look at that and say “Why would you spend the money on that, these people aren’t going to remember it, right?”” But they do it because they understand that the clients are living in a moment. They celebrate that and all of the client’s needs are being met there, not just physically and cognitively but also emotionally and spiritually. I can walk into this facility and feel that I’m part of this whole experience too. I really try to let other people know about it because there are standards that I have as a nurse when I walk into a place. But I’m not just a nurse when I walk in there, I’m a daughter. I need to know that when I leave, my mother is well cared for because I can’t provide that care for her anymore. That’s why the decision was so difficult for any daughter to make, to allow somebody to have the privilege to care for their mother who’s worth it. My mom is worth everything so it made our choice easier because we knew that she’s being cared for with love there. There comes a time for children when they have to make a difficult situation as to the best environment for a parent to be placed so that the right level of care can be provided. My family and I really feel that my mother is getting that care and that it’s a great source of comfort to us because we don’t have to worry about the care that she’s receiving. She’s getting more than what she needs. It’s a place where she can thrive and that’s what we wanted for her. We feel fortunate and blessed that we found this place for her. I hope more people will find out about them and be able to bring their parents there. It’s been a great comfort for us.

Posted by Jean670148 on 04/18/17

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