Dear Micah &  Ben and Entire Oasis staff,
We just want to thank you ALL, so VERY much, for a beautiful, generous outpouring of your exceptional care and love ❤️ of the residents, families and guests during the holiday celebration.

Wednesday evening was so wonderful, in so many ways.  Our family is continually grateful and in awe of how caring and dedicated you ALL are.  Unfortunately, it seems uncommon, when ALL staff members of many enterprises contribute equally to the daily needs of a ‘business’.  It warms our hearts to know that every one of you genuinely care, and work so tirelessly.

Amazing accommodating of such a large turn out with food , coffee, desserts-engaging music and entertainment to enjoy. Bright and beautiful holiday decorations- Santa’s appearance for young and old….and on top of all of that, a well thought out gift for each resident-hand delivered.
A warm and cozy blanket to wrap around the one’s YOU ALL care so well for—a very accurate sentiment of all that you do every day, and night.
On behalf of Nancy Atkins and her family- Heartfelt Thank you’s …..and tremendous gratitude ❤